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About Us

A Rich Heritage and Passion To Serve

As a young boy, Hugo grew up in Chihuahua, Mexico. His father was a butcher, and instilled in Hugo an appreciation for quality meat, and an understanding on how to prepare it.

In 1998, Hugo and Consuelo moved to the United States. He was very successful as painter/contractor, but creating in the kitchen was his first love. While living in Corpus Christi, he opened a little Bodega, which was known all over town for having the best tacos around.

In 2004, Hugo and Consuelo moved to Red Oak, TX and settled down with their family. Hugo continued painting, but longed for a restaurant of his own. 

One day in 2020, Hugo and Consuelo were driving through Red Oak and noticed that the Snuffer's Hamburger Restaurant had closed down and that the building was available. Hugo looked at Consuela, and with conviction in his voice said, "That is our restaurant!". 

Just a few months later they were moving in, redecorating, creating their menu, and preparing to open their first restaurant. Finally, Hugo's dream has been realized, and we all now get to experience the wonderful food and beautiful love this family has brought to the south Dallas and north Ellis county area.

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